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The Shift


The Shift wants to bring everyone in the same direction and create support in order to create a plan of action in the context of diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

Our solutions

In the first of two sessions we aim to create support and zoom in on unconscious bias that everyone carries with them. Both a theoretical framework and concrete tools are provided. In the second session, the aim is to brainstorm together about which direction to take in the context of diversity and inclusiveness or what is being focused on within The Shift. In this strategic brainstorm, we thought together about their policy, strategy and actions. Some of the topics we covered during the brainstorming session were: inclusive recruitment, inclusion in the workplace, well-being in the workplace and inclusive leadership. Concrete ideas are provided with which a plan of action can be drawn up for a more inclusive The Shift.

The results

  • Concrete action plan with 3 focus points and actions;

  • Support within the entire organization for the route to be taken;

  • Clarity about what diversity and inclusion means for the organization;

  • Thanks to our partnership, they can now work sustainably in the context of diversity and inclusion.

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