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Cancer makes no distinction in terms of age, color, socio-economic background, gender, etc. In short, it affects everyone. To reach everyone, both minority and majority groups, it is important that the organization is inclusively diverse. With diversity and inclusion as expertise, UPOP is working together with Kom op tegen Kanker to be there for everyone.

In order to make a connection with a broader and more diverse target group, it is important that the organization is internally inclusive and diverse. To be there for everyone starts from within. We were therefore commissioned by this organization to help shape their five-year plan for an inclusive operation. Their strategic plan of action for the next 5 years covers the following areas:

  • HR: Recruitment to retention

  • Inclusive job redesign

  • Organizational culture

  • Learning & development

Our solutions

  • Research internally and externally using focus groups, desk research, etc.

  • UPOP audit: baseline measurement of diversity and inclusion → UPOP’s roadmap to become an inclusive workplace

  • Skills assessment: mapping the diversity competencies

  • Developing a personalized training offer for the entire organization, e.g. all employees, team leaders, management and volunteers.

  • One year action plan

The results

  • A vision on diversity and inclusion as well as a 5-year plan that serves as a common thread for the next steps.

  • A large base of support as well as awareness has been created to start working on this structurally.

  • Processes and policies were made more inclusive.

  • Recruitment processes have a lower threshold.

  • We launched and implemented various initiatives to reach various target groups.

  • Employees think more inclusively and behave more inclusively.

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