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GOVI Engineered Chemicals


A company in the chemical sector was faced with a major outflow and retention problem among their employees (blue collars). The influx of applicants must be of a higher quality. Until now, the selection of candidates has been done through temporary employment agencies. This has worked less well in recent years with high turnover and little retention.

Our solutions

GOVI hired us to take on the recruitment and make the recruitment process more inclusive. As a partner, we have identified and defined the root causes. Through our research, we have analyzed their recruitment process through desk research, sessions with management and in-depth interviews with: current workers, HR employees and former workers.

We then worked out a recruitment strategy and a retention strategy with a clear action plan in collaboration with management, HR and middle management.

The results

Both open vacancies were filled in from a qualitative pool of candidates. The applications keep coming in so there is an existing pool of candidates for future vacancies.

Thanks to our data-driven approach, we have made an analysis and reported it in order to draw up and implement a strategy together with this company. Parts of our delivery included:

  • Inclusive vacancy texts were drawn up and preserved;

  • Recruitment website designed for the entire organization;

  • Social media strategies designed and rolled out;

  • Applicant screening and reporting;

  • Develop personality test;

  • KYP session: session with the workers on well-being.

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