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Stad Gent - City of Ghent 1.0


The City of Ghent is looking for a partner to strengthen the leadership of the City of Ghent in terms of diversity and inclusion while leading. In concrete terms, they are looking for a partner who can offer training as a supplement to the existing training: leadership - a strong foundation.

Our solutions

For the City of Ghent, we want to draw up a tailor-made training including leadership to supplement the existing training: leadership - a strong foundation. This training is intended for all new managers and some groups of managers who have been working for the organization for some time.

For us, inclusive leadership consists of 3 major blocks: learning how to lead yourself, leading others and achieving results through inclusive leadership. In the first session we lay the foundation for the participants by giving them different terms with their corresponding definitions. We first consider what diversity and inclusion actually means and we let everyone determine this at their individual and team level. In addition, we also want to focus on raising their awareness as a leader. In the second session we discuss some practical tools and techniques that can be used to be more inclusive as a manager. We look at how an inclusive leader can develop, motivate and lead his team towards common goals and objectives in an inclusive way. In addition, we focus on knowledge and skills regarding inclusive thinking/working.

The results

This project is ongoing. Through our sessions, the participants can:

- prevent team members from forming subgroups that may exclude other colleagues;

- encourage and value exchange of different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas that team members have;

- creating a safe environment within the team so that everyone can put forward ideas and every team member is listened to;

- appreciate the diversity and make it negotiable so that every team member feels a valued part of the whole.

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