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Soleo Antwerp - International Sales Centre


Soleo experienced a high turnover and outflow of employees, so retention was a major challenge. In addition, the quality of the employees who came in was not good. The right competences, attitude and match with Soleo's culture were not present.

Our solutions

UPOP took a close look at the recruitment process from A to Z using our audit. We therefore started a research phase to investigate where the bottlenecks were in this process. A report was drawn up with concrete recommendations and strategies that our partner could use. The biggest change that came out of the report and that was implemented was the start-up of an academy to train people. In addition, UPOP took on the second phase in the selection process, where we conducted the second interviews in order to guarantee the quality of the employees who came in. The employee experience process was also examined in order to analyze where this can be optimized. Internally, the puzzle was laid for the functions and tasks within Soleo to get started with this as well. In this way we have been able to make it more sustainable in the processes and in their policy.

The results

Due to our inclusive in-house selection and recruitment, and through the academy, the quality of the employees that flowed in increased significantly, resulting in a decrease in employee turnover. A more efficient recruitment process was set up, allowing selection to take place in an in-depth and qualitative manner. In addition, as many barriers as possible in the recruitment process were removed to make it more accessible. Internally, job and task classifications were adjusted in order to start from the strengths of the talent that was already present internally, resulting in more employee satisfaction and higher results. Finally, this change process has brought about a change in mindset. They looked at talent in all its diversity, the potential of an inclusive process and culture and at the bigger picture through inclusive job redesign.

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