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Holiday Edition - The Quest for Inclusive Gifts During Festive Seasons

The holidays are here and with them comes the annual challenge of finding gifts that honor everyone's backgrounds and beliefs. We want to celebrate diversity and inclusion among our employees, but how do we find gifts that do that?


Let's delve into this FAQ to understand the challenges and potential solutions:

What defines an inclusive gift?

An inclusive gift is one that respects everyone's differences: cultural, religious, or personal without favoring any specific belief. For example, while a bottle of wine might seem like a nice gift, it could exclude those who don't drink alcohol due to personal, religious or health reasons. This simple yet thoughtful example highlights the importance of considering alternatives that cater to everyone's needs and preferences.

Is there a one-size-fits-all gift?

Truth be told, finding a gift that satisfies everyone's preferences and beliefs is hard to find. However, there are thoughtful approaches that can come close to achieving this goal.

Offering different options or gift cards allows people to choose what they'd like best. Plus, learning about each other's traditions helps us understand and respect each other better, so we can learn what we could give them as a holiday gift.

At UPOP, we believe making business successful means caring about people too. When we keep learning and trying to do what's right for everyone while also meeting our business goals, it helps both the company and the people who work here.

What role does diversity and inclusion play in the workplace?

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords. It's essential for a healthy workplace. When we embrace everyone's differences, it creates a stronger sense of belonging and unity among us.

How can we measure the success of inclusive gifts?

Success isn't just about finding the perfect gift; it's also about acknowledging and appreciating the sentiment and effort behind the gesture.Surveys or open conversations can help us see if our gift strategy is fostering inclusion and appreciation.

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