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Stad Gent - City of Ghent 3.0


The City of Ghent has engaged us to offer a training program to the selection and mobile team. This group consists of occupational psychologists. The goal that the City of Ghent had in mind is that everyone in the jury is neutral, that conversation techniques are objective and neutral. In addition, one must also consciously deal with bias and persuasiveness so that the entire process can proceed on an equal footing. An additional goal is to avoid that cultural differences weigh on certain aspects.

Our solution

We meet all these needs through a three-part session. The training program starts with a session that goes back to the basics by, among other things, referring to the basic theories. The second part of the training focuses on inclusive recruitment where we refer to how you can communicate (gender) neutrally and how you can do outreach recruiting.

The results

This project is still ongoing. Through our sessions, the participants can:

- recognize the various unconscious biases in oneself and others;

- deal with various unconscious biases in oneself and others;

- understand the different worlds and empathize with the world of others;

- include communication and trading;

- use tools to learn how to deal with unconscious biases;

- avoid that cultural differences in judgments weigh on, for example, the STARR method;

- apply bias-free conversation techniques during their job;

- apply outreach recruitment techniques based on the vacancy and profile sought.


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