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Starting off just before the pandemic hit was a unique challenge for us. We know we were facing an uphill battle. However, as a team of tenacious and innovative thinkers, we rose to the challenge and found a way to not only survive, but thrive. Today we are proud to say that UPOP has been able to grow significantly and that we have build up a portfolio of successful cases that demonstrate the value of the way we do things as UPOP.

As we continue to expand our reach and impact - we remain committed to building a strong community of like-minded individuals and organizations that believe in a more human way of doing business. By working together, we believe we can truly amplify the impact of our work and create a more resilient, equitable and inclusive future for all.

We're grateful to share our services and knowledge with the community. At UPOP, we are more than just a consultancy - we are a community of change-makers who believe that a better and smarter way of doing business is possible. Let's come together and share our expertise so we can create a better, more sustainable future for everyone.




We're committed to helping companies prepare for the future by becoming human businesses. But what exactly does that mean? To us, future-proofing is all about setting purposeful goals and prioritizing 'the human' above all else. We believe that a company's most valuable asset is its people, and that by empowering employees, we can drive truly transformative results. But we're not just focused on the bottom line - we're also committed to doing business in a way that's truly human. This means that we take into account the human in your clients, stakeholders and in society.


We strive for positive impact in everything we do, and ensuring that our values are reflected in our actions. Our purpose is our name. We want you to pop! So if you're looking for a partner that's committed to both people and results, we're here to help.


UPOP is part of a community called the community of pop. together with *Deeja* and *Live the experience today* we are working on making this world a better place.


Deeja is a Belgian platform of, for and created by women. Our goal is to empower and elevate women to chase their dreams. Call it fempowerment.

Live The Experience is to empower people to achieve their dreams and follow their passion while they discover the world. In everything we do, we put the individual first. 

With our projects we focus on the 3 main pillars that can change this world. Namely women, youngsters and companies with a social drive. Below you will find more information about our community and the impact we seek. Feel free to contact us when you want to join our community.

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Let’s Work Together

Tel: 0032497 39 31 97

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