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We're committed to helping companies prepare for the future by becoming human businesses. But what exactly does that mean? To us, future-proofing is all about setting purposeful goals and prioritizing 'the human' above all else. We believe that a company's most valuable asset is its people, and that by empowering employees, we can drive truly transformative results. But we're not just focused on the bottom line - we're also committed to doing business in a way that's truly human. This means that we take into account the human in your clients, stakeholders and in society.


We strive for positive impact in everything we do, and ensuring that our values are reflected in our actions. Our purpose is our name. We want you to pop! So if you're looking for a partner that's committed to both people and results, we're here to help.


Watch this video featuring our founder, Khadija Rejdy, as she explains the power of human businesses and how it forms the key to a thriving and sustainable future.

Community of POP

With pride, we can say that UPOP has grown significantly, building a portfolio of successful cases that demonstrate the value of our approach. As we expand, we remain committed to building a strong community that believes in a more humane way of doing business.

At UPOP, we are more than just a consultancy - we are a community of change-makers who believe that a better and smarter way of doing business is possible. Let's collaborate and share our expertise to create a better, more sustainable future for everyone. Contact us! 👇🏼👇🏽👇🏿


Thank you!
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