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Your go-to partner in diversity and inclusion

Boost your company. Upgrade your culture!

Who are we?

At UPOP, we're your go-to partner for all things related to diversity and inclusion (DEI). We assist businesses and organizations in addressing their HR and diversity and inclusion challenges through the use of scans, training, and consultancy. These efforts help them attract and retain talent, achieve their sustainability goals, and ultimately grow as an organization. We believe in the business case for sustainable investment in the social pillar of ESG and that companies embracing this are ready for the future.

 It's time to approach business differently, the human way.

Khadija Rejdy, Founder of UPOP

Your transformation into an inclusive workplace

Discover the business case for investing in diversity and inclusion for your organization! Data shows that focusing on diversity and inclusion not only improves your talent recruitment and retention but also drives innovation, productivity, and enhances your organizational reputation. Integrate DEI into your sustainability strategy and embark on your journey towards an inclusive workplace.

Our guidance helps you get started effectively and achieve results. Improve not only your organization but also see your numbers grow through diversity and inclusion. Discover how we can assist you in implementing effective diversity and inclusion strategies. From practical tips to in-depth guidance, we offer the support needed to thrive in this rapidly changing world, driven by mass migration and globalization.


Support in initiating the diversity and inclusion journey by providing advice and guidance in developing a DEI vision that aligns with your values and goals. Additionally, we also create the personal business case for your organization.


Our experts collaborate with you to develop tailor-made diversity and inclusion strategies that address the specific needs and challenges of your organization. In everything we do, we ensure alignment with the CSRD.


We support in the actual implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives, from developing training programs to setting up diversity committees and events. Nothing is too small or too large for us. We're always by your side.


Our services assist organizations in measuring, evaluating, and reporting the progress of their diversity and inclusion initiatives to management. All reporting is also aligned with the CSRD, making it easy for you to integrate into your sustainability reporting

"We zijn verheugd om onze ervaring met het werken met UPOP te delen. De enthousiasme en gedrevenheid van hun personeel is werkelijk prijzenswaardig. Vanaf het allereerste begin hebben ze ons verzoek met expertise afgehandeld en snelle opvolging geboden, waardoor we de samenwerking in een mum van tijd konden starten."

Stad Brugge

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